After molding with various rough soils, I give the wiek the better shape, then apply a pattern and do the first firing.
Bisque firing is the very first firing of pottery before it is glazed. Most pottery goes through a bisque firing and is then fired again to melt the glaze and fuse it to the clay body.
After the bisque firing I imagine the whole vessel by adding colors.
Sometimes I paint the pattern before the first firing.

The glaze , I use my original glaze.
For the last few years, KAZU Blue has been very popular with my customers.

I also make Accessories. Mainly using Amakusa pottery stone produced in the Amakusa region of Kumamoto prefecture, which is a world-class porcelain soil, I make Obidome(sash clip -an ornament worn over an Obi belt) , pendants, chokers, brooches, earrings and earrings.

Since 2020 I have been working on jewelry using crystalline pyramidal salt from natural Kamiamakusa salt (Muramoto moon salt)

1844-338 Chawanyama, Take,
Kawachi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto,Japan