Original mixing of glaze and “design on the back side”

“Life with ceramic art “

“Tradition and evolution”

Online exhibitions and ceramic art classes


 Everyone is having hard situation that we cannot hold exhibitions as we want.
I hope it end soon and you enjoy your life.

“Online solo exhibition”

  If you would like to see the details of the work, you can see the explanation of the work, the whole picture, and the details in real time by video call of zoom or LINE. Feel free to contact me. Please describe.

<pottery class>

In this class, we are engaged in various activities for people of all ages to convey the charm of ceramic art. We also go on a business trip entirely in a ceramic art classroom at a hope place.
At the workshop, we prepare materials and go to the venue at the request of ceramic art experience, art program instructor of Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art, nursery school, elementary, junior high and high school, public hall, company and other ceramic art classes.
I hope that you will feel the warmth and cuteness of pottery by creating works that you will love and want to use forever, and I hope to have a pleasure to share this joy of manufacturing with everyone.

Please see an Instagram for the informations on works and exhibitions.
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Clay studio

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