〈about Kazu〉
We have launched this page with the
hope that you will enjoy the time you
spend at home in COVID-19 pandemic.
In KAZU-Yoh (kiln) vessels and accessories are all made by hand. Nowadays I’ve been getting increased time to make pottery by feeling with all five senses and imaging users’ smiles. I hope you spend safe and happy lives.
Handmade vessels are warm and gentle!

Recently, I am working on jewelry that use the crystalline pyramid natural salt from Kami-amakusa
(Muramoto’s moon salt) that I met in

Profile (biography)

Kazuyo Taguchi
Born in Kumamoto
Graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Second High School
Learned from Rosen Misae
Produced at the studio of Mt. Kinbo, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto
Solo and group exhibition activities every year
2019 Ceramics “Three Styles from Japan” 3 person exhibition held in Montana, the United States
Art program instructor at Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto
Ceramic art instructor at schools, public halls, offices, etc.

 My work is also my passion.
I am enjoying the production while expressing myself in my work, which changes with nature, while being grateful for the many relationships I have in my life.
Kazuyo Taguchi “ Ceramics” Vessels and Accessories Exhibition 2018
CAMK Art Program “Ceramics Workshop” @ Tamukae Minami Elementary School

Past exhibitions

Fuyugesyo -from Christmas to New year’s day-
2021 Exhibition of dishes & accesaries made of clay

Towards new era

The 17th Amakusa Ceramic art Exhibition

Days in Montana

The 16th Amakusa Ceramic art Exhibition

The 6th Development from the soil ー16 Ceramics Exhibitionー
ーSake and side dish bowls exhibitionー
(Simultaneous event)

”Three Styles from Japan”
        in Stillwater Gallery

Talking time with pottery in fall

The 5th Development from the soil ー23 people exhibitionー
ーSummer Vessels Exhibitionー(Simultaneous event)

The 14th Amakusa Ceramic art Exhibition

Relaxing tenderly

The 2th Development from the soil
ーPottery 27ー
ーMorning Utsuwa Exhibitionー(Simultaneous event)

Comfortable accessories to accompany you every day 
Leather, Beads, and Ceramic Three-person Exhibition


The 13th Amakusa Ceramic art Exhibition

Wxhibitions of pottery to eat nicely in Nakao Gallery

black & white plus color of mind

The 12th Amakusa Ceramic art Exhibition

At the end of summer
Having fun with dishes & accessaries

Spring Vessels Two-person Exhibition

The 2th Development from the soil
ーPottery 24ー
ーDaily Vessels Exhibitionー(Simultaneous event)

Not to forget warm feelings even during cold days

matte feelings


With sound of wind chime

red & white × black “pottery” Two-person Exhibition


MATSUNAGA/TAGUCHI Picture,Ceramic Two-person Exhibition

Exchange with overseas

Other activities

1844-338 Chawanyama, Take,
Kawachi-machi, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto,Japan